Webserver settings

This section let’s you define what addresses meet the user or what paths the applications should put files in. Leave empty most of the time.

  • Web server address: Never use this really except if you know what you are doing. Leaving it blank let’s InfoGlue operate with relative URLs only which is more flexible.
  • Application base URL: The cms base URL.
  • Digital asset base URL: What URL the assets are found at. Defaults to the dir under the webapp and is relative the context by default.
  • Images base URL: The URL to the standard InfoGlue image directory. Leave it empty.
  • Digital asset path: The file system path to where assets should be stored. Defaults to a folder called digitalAssets under the webapp dir – could be set to a SAN or something.
  • Edit On Sight URL: Points out the editor action URL.

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