Scaling the applications only

There are cases when you do not wish to scale on the database side by setting up replication or a clusters but instead want to share database but split the applications on different servers. This can be very effective in the following situations:

  • If you for example have a low transaction public site but with extreme load and then a large number of content editors putting a lot of load on the tool server.
  • It can also be of interest if you just want to separate the apps out of mainainence reasons. Perhaps you do not want to take down the public site just because you have to upgrade the tools and need to restart tomcat in order to do so.

If this seems attractive to you below are some general guidelines to how to set this up:

  1. Install the cms, infoglueDeliverWorking and infoglueDeliverPreview on server1. Let the installer create the database if you don’t already have it set up. When it comes to the db just remember to put it on a server which both the internal and external server will be able to reach. After that normal installation make sure the apps are working correctly and that the working and preview engines gets updated by the tools when changes occur.
  2. Install the infoglueDeliverLive only on server2 using the same installer. When the database questions come point it to the database set up in step 1 or earlier. Do not tick in so it creates anything in the db.
  3. Go into server1 and the cms-applications and edit/add the property publicDeliverUrl.x (where x is 0,1,2,3 etc for as many live servers you have). The url should be a network acceptable url to the deliver application which is reachable from the cms. An example could look like this: publicDeliverUrl.0= or similar depending on what your setup and servers look like.
  4. After a restart of the cms application it will now notify the live server whenever a new publication is made either through the publishing tool or through the direct publishing feature.

If you have nice uri enabled you should also look at that section to find out what more needs to be set up for that to work on the live server. If you have trouble with the live server not getting updated by the cms look in the tips section in this document.

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