Portlet (JSR 168) Support and pitfalls

InfoGlue supports JSR 168 by including Apache Pluto and integrating it in the InfoGlue core. Apache Pluto is very good but there are a few pitfalls most users end up investigating.

  • InfoGlue Deliver and CMS must be located under the tomcat webapps directory directly if portlets are to be deployed. That is a limitation of Pluto today.
  • There must never be more than one of pluto-1.0.1.jar and portlet-api-1.0.jar and they must be located in the shared lib directory under tomcat. If one of them are duplicated in one of the webapps Pluto will not work correctly and have trouble finding the portlets.
  • If you want to share data between your portlet and InfoGlue you have to have a context for the portlet with the attribute crosscontext=”true” as well as for the InfoGlue applications which is default. Otherwise it won’t be visible for each other.

How to deploy new portlets and how to use them as components are described in the new InfoGlue User Manual.

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