Errors and how to find them

InfoGlue has some tricks for looking for errors. Error tracking takes some experience but here is a few basic tips:

  • First – if you find the system to behave strange – run the validation service. It’s located under Management tool  System tools  Validation tool. Run that and you should not get any errors.
  • If you wish to see how the delivery engine is doing check the Diagnostics and status page under Management tool. There you have links to all ViewApplicationState.action which is extremely useful and even allows you to turn on debugging during runtime.
  • The first thing to know is the root account. In the file there is a entry described above which let you log in without authenticating against the database or normal repository. This will let you do anything in the tools and if you are looking for errors in user / role handling that is a huge help.
  • If you log in and the tools work you can also use the Validation service in the management tool menu. It verifies that database access Is ok, that digital assets works and that the file system is configured so InfoGlue can write where it needs to.
  • If you still get errors or even get errors before this the log-files are the place to look. InfoGlue uses log4j and in log4j.xml you can set the debug levels in appropriate ways to get whatever information you want logged. Normally everything is set to WARN so only important things end up in the logs.
  • Normally all errors are found in the tomcat-logs either for Catalina itself or for the particular webapp. That error message found there together with it’s stack trace is often the only thing one needs to find the error if one knows how InfoGlue works.
  • If you get problems with memory exception in the tomcat logs look at the ViewApplicationState.action and the linked subpage in it. It will report which heap is full. You can also get a list of all Threads being executed at the moment. Often shows what code parts are locked or takes long.
  • Use the new Inconsistencies-tool under management  System tools  Resolve inconsistencies. Here you can find if there are inconsistencies in the system that may cause errors or warnings in the logs.

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