This section is written to help you with installations of the Infoglue platform.

The Infoglue platform is build on top of standard components and are therefore both easy to maintain and easy to upgrade. This reference will guide you through the upgrading process for existing setups as well as the process of installing it fresh for the first time. This reference is written for Windows and Linux-based systems. If you run a different OS the steps should be the same but some minor details may differ.

Quick guide to installation options

  • If you want to evaluate Infoglue quickly or are a developer who wants to start developing the platform itself we recommend you to look at the "Developer installation" page.

  • If you allready run Infoglue 2.x and want to upgrade - check out the upgrade instructions.

  • For those of you who wants to make a complete fresh installation on a more or less fresh server you should follow this guide.

Installation videos

Installing Infoglue 3 on Ubuntu in 10 minutes

Installing Infoglue 3 on Ubuntu in 10 minutes from Mattias Bogeblad on Vimeo.