Upgrading from Infoglue 2.x

There are a number of ways to upgrade Infoglue from 2.x to 3.0. All of them consists basically of replacing the old webapp with the new 3.0 version and upgrading the database tables. There are however a few ways to do that and here are some ways.

We have used the official automated build scripts for Infoglue 2.x

If you like me like automation you probably have a build-directory with properties set up allready. If so - great! Just do these steps:

  1. Run the database upgrade script for your server (mysqloraclesqlserver )
  2. Download this build.xml and replace the old one.
  3. Run the ant targets below (should be almost the same as usual):

Either you run this to fetch the latest stable version of Infoglue (can be release candidates etc)

ant fetchInfoGlue
ant server-clean-medium
ant deploy

If you want a specific version you run this instead (look at what version you can choose from)

ant fetchInfoGlueOnTag -DtagName=infoglue3000RC1
ant server-clean-medium
ant deploy

The above process takes your existing deploy settings in build.properties and is very similar to the old process. If you have any additional build scripts you are used to run afterwards this should also work the same way.


MySQL upgrade scripts

Oracle upgrade scripts

SQLServer upgrade scripts

New build.xml (right click and save as)