This document was written to give users working with different parts of the system a useful manual. Hopefully the information herein will make users more productive and comfortable with the various aspects of the system. Many users might find it useful to read some of the document to get an overview of how Infoglue works and some will only use it as a reference guide. Whatever the use, hope the information is valuable and easy to understand.

The document will not include information about maintenance or development as there are other documents that will specialize in these matters. The aim is to describe the basic concepts and how you use the various parts of the system.

Division of chapters

The chapters are very much divided into the tools in Infoglue. Each tool and its functionality will be described in detail from a user’s perspective. In the end there are also more specialized trails describing a concept or a process in Infoglue. We will however begin with a chapter describing the fundamental concepts in detail.