Presenting the administrative tools

Infoglue comes with tools for managing all aspects of your system. They all share a common foundation in which you can reach the different parts. The starting point for the tools are usually http://servername:portnumber/infoglueCMS (your adminstrator will give
you the exact address). When you first go there you will be asked to login which you do with the information given to you by the administrative personnel. After your first login you will be shown the standard tools.

Introduction to the interface


Description of main areas:

  • 1. Top/tabs area  – This is the list of tools available to the user. The different tools will be given each own chapter later in this document. The tool is represented by a tab which can be clicked on to activate the tool which then will show it’s interface in the area below the tabs. Which tabs are available to which users are possible to set for each role in the management section also described later. You can also log off here.
  • 2. Bottom list / footer – This is the tool settings area. Here you can customize the tools in "My settings" or look at deleted items in the trashcan or see which user you are logged in as currently. 
  • 3. Main area / middel - This area is where the selected tool (in area 1) is shown . The tools can look very different depending on what they do and this screenshot is an example of the structure tool.


My Settings

From the footer area there is a “My Settings”-link that lets you come to a personal settings area. The settings you do here will have to do with your preferences in how the tools should behave when you are logged in and working with Infoglue. In time more things will be customizable. Currently the view looks like this:

As you probably understand from the screenshot the available settings are:

  • Which language should be default in the tools when I log in.
  • Which site/repository I want as default when I log in.
  • Which tool of the tools I have access to should be shown by default when I login.
  • Which GUI-version I want to use in the tols
  • What theme I would like to use (you can create your own).
  • What kind of toolbar style I want (not used at the moment).

Manage your subscriptions

Infoglue has a subscription system where you can subscribe to events that happens to content or pages you are especially interested in. Enter the subscriptions tab to manage that.

Change password

If you want to change password and your setup supports it you do it by entering the "Change password"-tab and following the wizard. You will have to state your old password.