Creating contents

As this is one of the most common tasks it should be understood thoroughly even though it’s not a very complex process. You start the process by either right-clicking on a folder where you want to put the content and select "Create content" in the context menu or you click on the folder and click the "Create content"-button in the top menu.

Both actions start the create content dialog.

In this dialog you state what name you want the new content to get in the tree and what type of content you wish to create. Content types are a bit like form defintions or a database table where you define what kind of fields for example a product or an article has. So what you choose here will decide what editing view you will get next. The content types are defined dynamically in the system by the administrators.

Next thing you select publish / expire-dates which letsyou define when the content should be visible and for how long.

Now you are ready to save. Just click the “Save”-button and the content is created.

Now the screen will look something like this and will show the editing view for this sites master language so you can start entering texts directly.