Editing content versions and properties

In the previous section we ended the section with a view of a newly created content and the master language version of that content. Now we shall dive deeper into the editing view of a content.

The main work area consists of a top area where some meta information about last editor / date and also a colored icon and text to the right symbolizing the state of the content version. 

The area also has a footer where all function buttons connected to the editing are located.

The rest of the view is divided into different tabs explained below:

  1. Text content - this tab is the central tab and lets you edit the actual texts etc by filling the fields defined by the content type. If multiple languages are available for this site you can choose language version in the upper right area.
  2. Categories - in this tab you can assign categories to the content version. More on this in separate section.
  3. Attached files - here you can upload files to be stored together with the content version. More on this in separate section.
  4. Content cover - here you can change the content name and watch some meta info.
  5. History - this view gives you a full version overview. More on this in separate section.
  6. References - here you can view what relations the content has to other contents or pages and what pages or contents rely/link to the content. Very handy if you wonder if you can remove a content or wonder where it's used.
  7. Content access - here you can restrict access to the content
  8. Version access - here you can restrict access to the current language version.

Any change you do in the screens are to be saved by pressing the "Save"-button in the common footer.