Moving content/folders

Often you want to move information as the site changes or you want to reorganize things. This is easily done in InfoGlue. Just mark the folder or content you wish to move and then use one of the “Move”-button in the function area. When you move your mouse over the button another button is shown and the difference is that the lower ones can be used to move any number of contents to a folder instead of just the current content.

When you click the first button the system will ask you where you want to move the item. You will be shown a new content tree where you select the new parent/the folder you wish to move the item to and then you press the “Save”-button. You will have to confirm this action.



The tree will reload on the left side and the move will be visible.

If you press the “Move X Contents”-button you will be shown a more complex view where you by dragging or using the “Add”-button can add more contents to move to one folder. It will look like this:



To the right are the contents that will be moved and you can add more either by marking and dragging them from the tree to the square area to the right or using the “Add”-button after marking a content in the tree. Then press next and choose destination folder etc.