Publishing / unpublishing

When a site is created initially or when a whole lot of contents are changed at the same time it’s often a very boring task to set all of the versions to “Publish”-state so that they can be published. There is a shortcut available however. If you mark a folder or content you can press the button “Submit to publish”.

The following dialog will now open:



Here you must first state a comment to the publishing. This will be shown to the publisher. Then you select all the versions you wish publish or submit for publishing in the list or you select all by clicking the “Select all”-button. When you are done, press the “Save”-button and all the marked items will be propagated to the publisher or published.

Only publishers can use the “Publish”-button and that way publish it directly. You can also choose to notify publishers when submitting to publishing.

Unpublish content(s)


When a content has been published at least once it can also be unpublished. If you mark the content or folder in the tree you can use the “Unpublish”-buttons marked below. The first button just lets you unpublish the last version of the content but if you want to unpublish all versions you use the second button.

The screen will list all content below and including the content you selected which can be unpublished. Just mark the contents you wish to unpublish and either use the “Unpublish versions”-button which directly unpublishes it or the “Request unpublish”-button which will ask the editor in chief to do it for you.