Additional functions

Change content type

In later versions of Infoglue there is a possibility to change a contents content type. The button marked below allows you to do that. Simply put you just press it and then choose which content type the content should have instead of the current one and press save.

Change language version

In later versions of Infoglue there is a possibility to change a contents language. That is to say that if you know the version is in another language you can switch without copying it.




You will get a dialog asking about which language to convert to:



View version as XML


InfoGlue 2.8.0 introduced a new feature which let’s you extract / view a content version like XML which is it’s native format. Just click on the new button.



You can also edit the version there. 



Export/Import contents


In later versions of Infoglue we have added a content import/export feature which allows you to export a content-structure into an xml-file. That export can then later be imported in this or other Infoglue installations. Good for copying or sharing contents without having to export an entire repository.


To export a content and it’s child-contents just mark the folder/content in question and press the “Export content”-button followed by the “Save”-confirmation. Then download the export file.

To import a previous export you mark the content into which you wish to import the contents and then use the “Import contents”-button.


The interface will ask you to upload the xml-file. Just browse and upload and the import should be complete.