Structure tool

This tool is the main tool for most users. It is used to build/maintain the website structure and page layout.

Description of main areas:

  1. Toolbar -  this area is populated with all buttons available for the item in the work area (4).
  2. Navigational area showing the current repository’s site structure and a drop to change site. You can also refresh the tree or minimize the tree with the two buttons in the upper right corner.
  3. A component palette where favourite components can be put for quick drag / drop to the page.
  4. This is the main page editor where you see a decorated view of the current page and can edit and restructure the page itself.

Notes on the structure tree menu

The structure tree has some additional features one should mention. One is that it remembers the last known state/expansion of the tree between sessions so you don’t always have to start with a closed tree. The tree is also context aware and right-clicking on a tree item presents you with most options for this item.