Publishing / unpublishing

Infoglue uses a publication process. This is to ensure that information that is not ready does not reach the visitors. So before they can watch a page the page and all it's resources has to be published. You do this by pressing the "Publish"-button and this shows the following view:

You just mark the page in the list (can contain many items) and write a comment followed by "Publish" or "Submit to publisher" depending on what rights you have.

Mass publishing

When a site is created initially or when a lot of pages are changed at the same time it’s often a very boring task to publish each page. There is a shortcut available however. If you mark a page you can press the button “Publish structure”-button. The following dialog will then open and in it the page and all it's children will turn up (if not allready published):

The list now contains many more pages and related content so you mark the ones you want published and proceed.