Page composition

This part is just a very simple introduction to components. You should read the development guide to components to get a better idea of what it is all about.

Why Components

Components are used to enable a more reusable, manageable site. The users will, after some initial education, be able to build pages with the site specific or general components already created by the developers in an extremely dynamic way. This way the user is restricted to the look & feel of the site but is free to compose the pages as he/she will within the restrictions the site owner decides. The hope is that developers create components that are generic enough to be used in a lot of situations. Written correctly a component can be extremely usable and even sellable to many customers. There are also a marketplace maintained by the community where anyone can sell or give away their generic components. Our belief is that reusable components will rationalize the development process dramatically.

How does it work

Since a while back InfoGlue defaults to the component style page type when working with pages. The old way to build sites are still supported but not recommended. Because of this the normal case is that when you click on a page in the structure tool the component editor view appears directly.

If you have not picked a page template before or a base template already you will initially get a screen saying you don’t have any base component so you must click on the link and select which component you wish to base the page on or you select one of the page templates if available. 

Now you will se the editor. We recommend you read the tutorials and watch the video on this subject to get all the information you need.

Component description and thumbnail

Developers/administrators has an option to add a description and a thumbnail for components. It’s optional but could be nice if there are many components. The info is shown when adding components to a page.

To add a description just add a content type attribute called “Description” on the HTMLTemplate content type. Then enter a description for those components you want to have a description for in the gui above.

To add a thumbnail just attach a normal image with the asset key called “thumbnail” to the component content.