Publishing tool

There is a tool in InfoGlue which is tailored for publication handling. Access to this tool will in most organizations be very limited to special editors or publicists. If you press the “Publishing tool” you can see the initial screen.

The publishing is, as all other things, focused on repositories. This is to be able to restrict which repositories the publicists should be able to publish information for. The first view that meets the publicist is a view that shows the repositories he/she is allowed to publish on and a column showing if there are items up for publishing..
To begin working on a repository click on the name of the repository or choose the repository in the drop down menu. The next screen will be as follows:

As you can see the interface consists of two main parts. The right part marked with a dotted line is a list of previous publications. The left part marked with a jagged line is the items that are up for publication at the moment.

As you can see you get a fairly good overview of what is up for publication and what has previously been published. Over the left section you can filter what submissions you want to see in the select box. If you want to publish one or more items on the left you probably first want to check them out. Mark the items you wish to preview by checking their checkboxes next to them and click the “Preview Content”-button in the toolbar. Now a new popup will emerge and you will be able to view the contents and pages by pressing the forward and backward button.

As you can see the content view is pretty ugly just showing the texts themselves without a layout. This is unfortunately necessary as a content can be reused on 0..n places on several sites and with several different layouts and we can sometimes not calculate where to show it so for now the user has to validate on the pure texts. When it comes to pages however the view is presented as it will be to the public visitor if published as proposed. We also suggest that the preview-environment is used to validate that the updated contents are shown correctly in their contexts. The whereabouts are often something known to the publisher after all. The preview or staging environment are reached by pressing the “Preview Environment”-button in the first view.

When satisfied close the popup and resume working in the publishing tool. If you are satisfied with all items press the “Publish Edition”-button to publish it to the real site. The dialog will be:

You state a name for the publication and a description. Then you save and the information is pushed out to all involved deliver-servers. When the package is published you will be directed back to the main view and the package will be shown on the right side and the published items will be removed from the left side.

As you might have guessed it’s possible to rollback a publication. The limitation is that you can only rollback the latest publication each time but you can of course do it several times after another if you wish to rollback more than one publication. To rollback a publication we just mark the publication in question and press the “Unpublish Edition”-button. After this operation is confirmed the items will be back on the left side and the last publication will be gone.

When you previewed the items before you might be unsatisfied with the quality of some of the items. InfoGlue has a feature that lets you send it back for revision to the author. Mark the items you dislike and press the “Deny Items Publication”-button. This will bring down the items state to working again and a message will be sent to the author telling him to revise the content or site node and try again. You will notice that the items are now gone from the left side.

If you now enter the content tool again and look at one of the items you will see that it is marked with an alert to notify the user about the denial. It will look like this:


Another similar message will be shown if you enter that version:


As you see you are here able to remove the warning by clicking “Close” after you have seen it.