MyDesktop tool

There is a new tool since InfoGlue 1.3. Before anything else is said you should view this as an embryo to what it will be and not as completed. The idea is that the MyDesktop in the future will be the natural starting point for all users. Initially it is a personalized view of the workflows going on that the user is involved with and what tasks the user has to complete.

Later on we plan to add other possibilities like observation on contents/pages, resources like manuals etc, chat-systems and system messages and perhaps even portal integration so that an organization can integrate custom applications here.

The areas today of the tools are marked below:

The areas are:

  • 1. Ongoing workflows: a simple list of ongoing workflows. If you click on the names you can see the steps done before and what steps are currently active. To the right you can also see any global actions the workflow offer.
  • 2. Available workflows: a simple list of available workflows which a user can initiate by pressing the forward arrow or the name. The new workflow instance will then be visible in the area marked by 1.
  • 3. Incoming tasks: Here the user will see all tasks the ongoing workflows have that concern him/her. It is a personalized view so only tasks/steps the user can perform will be listed. A task is carried out by clicking on the incoming task and following the process from there.
  • 4. Shortcuts: Here the user will see a list of links the admins has set up. It can be links to other tools or what ever things they want to collect in this interface.

Underlying workflow engine:

InfoGlue uses another open source component called OSWorkflow for all workflow handling. More information about the concept of this component can be found at

The workflows that are to be available in the system are today defined as xml in the workflow section of the management tool. There is no visual workflow editor as of now but we don’t say there will not be one later on. There is however a lot of complexity involved with how workflows are built which let me to believe that most organizations will probably let administrators and developers help out in that process and make the fine tuning.

How the workflows are defined and the persistence mechanism underlying is more documented in the upcoming developer document. You can also find out much info on the site of OSWorkflow.