Quality and Optimization tips

When you are in the last stages of your project you should always assert the quality of the site and the components you have developed. There is a valuable tool which aid you in this work. Part of the information below exists in more a more elaborate version in the administrator manual.


The ViewApplicationState.action can be reached through the management tool and each application has one view.

Each application then has a status view and the sections are described below (opened in new window here):
The first section (shown below) describes some release information, memory information and rough statistics on how the site is performing and how the load is at the moment. This is all live information so reloading this view is often quite useful. Pay close attention to the memory state when doing load tests for example or when you are developing new heavy components. The average processing time is also of great interest during load testing or during production. A low value here but slow site performance for users would for example indicate that there is an issue with your infrastructure or bandwidth.

The next section (exemplified below) shows a full list of the components rendered since the application was started. It also shows the average processing time for each component and this is really great if you want to optimize your site. In this view itÆs quite clear that most components are quite fast except a couple in the top which should be considered first when optimizing. Also consider optimizing components with a lot of hits before seldom used components if they both have slow times.

Mail notifications

In InfoGlue 2.4.6 we have added a feature that senses if the system is getting in trouble or if some pages takes to long. This is a very, very important debugging feature and quite often the best way to start debugging any production instabilities. The concept is quite simple. You set up the warning email receiver address in application settings and InfoGlue will then send emails with full thread information when pages takes to long or memory issues arises. Simplifies debugging and error tracking hugely. USE IT!!!

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