This lets you control access to content based on users IP-address/range/hostname.


Name Required Default Type Description
 id true   Object/String The result variable name.
trustedIPs true   Object/String A regexp of trusted IP:s.
allowDnsLookupForIPs false   Boolean Use dns lookup to ensure non-fakeip:s
trustedDomains false   Object/String A commaseparated list of trusted domains


This example checks if the user comes from IP-range. A great tip is to use the service at to generate a regexp. 

<common:authorizedRemoteAddress id=”isValidIP” trutedIPs=”^63\.212\.171\.([1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|1([0-9][0-9])|2([0-4][0-9]|5[0-4]))$”/>
    <c:when test=”${isValidIP}”>
        You can watch this very valuable information ☺
        No – no access for you…

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