Experimental document conversion tag which operates together with JODConverter (Open Office serverside). It can take a worddocument and convert it on the fly to pdf, odf and html. The tag also manages to create table of contents separately so you can have navigation separate. Remember that this tag currently requires open office remote service installed. Read more on


Name Required Default Type Description
id false   Object/String The result is stored in this variable.
docUrl false   Object/String Url to the word-document to convert.
docFilePath false   Object/String Path to the word document to convert.
title true   Object/String Title of the index.
menuTextLength true   Object/String Lengths of the index items.
cssList true   Object/String The list of css:s to use during conversion.
rewrite false   Object/String Allows you to force a rewrite of the document.


ID-result variable contains:
A ConvertedDocumentBean which contains url:s to the pdf/html /odf-versions etc.

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