This taglib lets you divide the list into slots. Useful for having a archive or a search list divided in smaller pages.


Name Required Default Type Description
visibleElementsId true   Object/String This variable will contain a list of elements that are to be shown.
visibleSlotsId true   Object/String This variable will contain a list of slots to show.
lastSlotId true   Object/String The variable will contain which slot is the last one in the result.
elements true   Object/String The list we want to divide in slots.
maxSlots false   Object/String At what number of slots should we stop.
currentSlot false   Object/String The variable the current slot will be stored in.
slotSize true   Object/String How many items should be in each slot.
slotCount true   Object/String How many slots should be visible.

ID-result variable contains: A org.infoglue.deliver.util.Slots-object.


This will result in a number of variables being set with information and sublists.

<%@ taglib uri="infoglue-common" prefix="common" %>
<%@ taglib uri="infoglue-content" prefix="content" %>
<%@ taglib uri="infoglue-structure" prefix="structure" %>
<%@ taglib uri="infoglue-page" prefix="page" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<page:pageContext id="pc"/>
<content:matchingContents id="unsortedNewsItems" contentTypeDefinitionNames="Article"/>
<c:set var="currentSlot" value="${param.currentSlot}"/>
<c:if test="${currentSlot == null}">
<c:set var="currentSlot" value="1"/>
<common:slots visibleElementsId="newsItems" visibleSlotsId="indices" lastSlotId="lastSlot" elements="${unsortedNewsItems}" currentSlot="${currentSlot}" slotSize="10" slotCount="10"/>

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