This tag makes it possible to include a template in another template, that way modularizing a page without making it dynamic. Good in some cases where users don't want so much flexibility.


Name Required Default Type Description
id true   String The result is stored in this variable.
contentId false   Object/String The content id in which the related templates lies.
relationAttributeName false   Object/String What attribute contains the related contents.
contentName false   Object/String In the collection of related template contents – what is the name of the content you wish to include.
useAttributeLanguageFallback false true Object/String States if language fallback should be used.

ID-result variable contains: The rendered result as a String-object.


This results in that the template / content called Article related to the current component on relation attribute "RelatedComponents" is included on the page as a template.

<%@ taglib uri="infoglue-common" prefix="common" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<common:include relationAttributeName="RelatedComponents"

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