Infoglue can be downloaded on a variety of forms. We have tried to make evaluation and startup process fast for beginners and easy to set up for experienced developers.

Infoglue comes in the following forms

  • Virtual box image - perfect if you don't want to mess with your own setup. The installation is optimized and can even be used as a server image for production later on. It contains Java 7, Apache HTTPD and MySQL as well as Infoglue 3.0 (Eclipse soon). All you need to start develop. 

    First download Virtual box on

    Then download a Infoglue Image on any of these links:
    Download torrent (zipped vdi)

    Then you create a new virtual machine in Virtual box and select Linux / Ubuntu 64 in the dialogs and finally when asked to create a harddrive just point to the downloaded image. You should install Virtual box guest additions also as the screen and keyboard etc is otherwise very limited.

  • Download and build from git - for the experienced developer you know what to do.