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#1 General announcements » Uppsala University goes IG 3 » 2014-05-22 18:41:33

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Ok,,, so we just went for ig3 and it went....
well! no big issues but minor things ofc. But i can tell you that it is a huuuuuge benefit of keeping the agile benefit of solving issues within a minute but still beeing able to do major back end fixes on a java platform.
The major thing right now is the increased speed of the admin interface, the tab switching speed and CSS theme that enables you to configure your CMS in any way you want.

Anyways,,, it was a smoothe ride from a oooooold version of ig so i can only recommend others to go IG3 too!

#2 General announcements » Infoglue developer bundle win 64 » 2014-01-22 15:24:48

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Hi!, just wanted to let people know that ive made a first draft of a developer bundle for windows 64 bit.
We will host it at Uppsala university for now as a small token for our commitment to the cause.

Url is: …

Please give feedback or even contact the UU ig dev team for updated versions.

#3 Component development » Fetch labels dynamically » 2013-12-17 16:27:05

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Just a little tip to fetch labels is that you can fetch the label you like with a variable.

so for instance,
<c:set var="list" value="item1,item2,item3" />

<c:forTokens items="${list}" delims="," var="item">
   <structure:componentLabel mapKeyName="${item}"/>

while in component labels:



The result would be a rather static list of values becoming language sensitive.

#4 » Integrate Calendar and Form system » 2013-12-17 16:20:58

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If you have installed Form system feature and/or calendar portlet you might want them to be integerated as menu buttons together with content and structure etc..
In order to do this, you simply just need to rename the repository name to Infoglue calendar system and/or Infoglue form system.
However, i think in order to change the labels from calendars and form, you need to edit the label files?

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