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#1 » Categorized (faceted) page search » 2013-12-09 22:11:52

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I think the search feature on the site would be much improved if we added an option to filter the search set (so called faceted search). Maybe one category for each type of manual (and if we add the rest of the site to the result set maybe some more categories from other parts of the site).

Not only would it help the users find what they are looking for but also demonstrate what is possible to do with Infoglue's site content search.

Maybe there are other ways to categories the content? We could categorize using startSiteNode in one category group and Infoglue categories in another.

What do you think?

#2 » Git-repo for the site » 2013-12-09 21:58:50

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It would be nice if the content (or at least the components) were available for download if someone wants to play around with them. If we put it in a Git repository we can also use it for developers that want to work on the site and if we in the future implement straight-from-Git-deploys we can use this repository for the Infoglue site's deploys.

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